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Chinese Drywall Facts

  • 20 mil sq. ft. of Chinese drywall entered the U.S. since 2001
  • More than 65,000 American homes could be affected
  • Emits harmful sulfur gases
  • Corrodes copper wiring
  • Contaminates furnishings & fabrics
  • Damages air conditioners and appliances

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Does Your Home Have
Chinese Drywall?

State officials and other experts recommend certain criteria to determine whether homes or condos were built with toxic Chinese-made drywall. Evaluate your home with our
3-step Assessment >>
If you have detected Chinese drywall, be sure to contact our leading Chinese drywall attorney.

Legal Rights & Advocacy

Victims interested in a Chinese drywall lawsuit should consider filing an individual action in state court rather than joining a class action. Homeowners should know their legal options and rights. Learn your rights now >>

Roberts & Durkee, a leading Chinese drywall lawyer is dedicated to enacting legislation that will protect homeowners. Read more >>



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