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Toxic Chinese DrywallThis home is torn apart due to toxic Chinese drywall

After complaints from homeowners began to mount, numerous investigations confirmed that drywall imported from China during the recent housing boom can emit fumes that can make people sick and damage homes. The U.S. had turned to China as a source for drywall after 2000 when the housing boom created domestic shortfalls in supply.

Consider the facts:

• At least 20 million square feet of Chinese drywall entered the U.S. after 2001
• More than 65,000 American homes could be affected by the hazardous drywall, which:

-Emits harmful sulfur gases
-Corrodes copper wiring
-Damages furnishings and fabrics
-Damages air conditioners, electrical wiring and appliances

Moreover, residents have complained of adverse health symptoms that include:
• Nosebleeds
• Allergies
• Rashes
• Headaches

The long-term effects of contaminated Chinese drywall are not yet known. Several investigations commissioned by governmental bodies and health agencies are currently underway.

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