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Chinese Drywall Lawsuit

Get the Right Representation in a Chinese Drywall Lawsuit

The Law Firm of Roberts & Durkee, P.A., a leading Chinese drywall law firm represents homeowners throughout Florida who believe their homes, health and personal belongings have been damaged by toxic Chinese drywall that was used in the construction of their houses and condominiums.

Accurate information, product recalls and stern penalties for builders, who knowingly sell a house with contaminated drywall, are just a few of the ways to control this problem.

C. David Durkee, a foremsot Chinese drywall attorney and partner with the firm, is filing a series of Chinese drywall lawsuits throughout Florida against the developers who allegedly installed this contaminated drywall.

Benefits of a Direct-Action Suit in a Chinese Drywall Lawsuit

Several large national law firms have descended upon Florida and other states in a fight to control the giant multi-district class action Chinese drywall lawsuits, which have been filed all over the United States. These lawsuits have been consolidated for pre-trial procedures in New Orleans.

The Law Firm of Roberts & Durkee, P.A. does not recommend participating in a class-action suit because each homeowner’s case is unique. The firm believes that victims will benefit more from filing a direct-action in state court. This action can be filed on an individual basis or on behalf of a small group of individuals, such as the residents of a well-defined residential community.

Roberts & Durkee, a Chinese drywall lawyer employed this strategy in the case of Dowdy v. Engle Homes. The suit names the publicly traded Engle Builders, builder of the homes in the walled Coral Lakes community. It alleges Engle obtained toxic Chinese drywall and used it negligently in the construction of the Coral Lakes homes.  These allegations are the latest among numerous recent product-safety scandals involving Chinese imports, including milk formula, toothpaste, drugs, toys, seafood and pet food.

The firm knows homeowners are faced with very tough decisions. Its legal team provides complimentary Chinese drywall consultations to help homeowners obtain the information and help they need during this difficult time.