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Builders get a break on Chinese drywall, but may still be on the hook

A Palm Beach County court ruling relieves home builders of some liability in the ongoing dispute over the use of defective Chinese drywall.  In the decision, entered on Nov. 5th,  Judge Glenn Kelley of the 15th Judicial Circuit, said that because home builders did not manufacture the problematic drywall and were not within the chain of distribution, they could not be held “strictly liable” for the alleged defects.

Thousands of homeowners say the defective drywall has driven down the value of their home and caused health problems.

In an article recently published by HousingWatch, Attorney David Durkee, an advocate for owners of homes with Chinese drywall, said builders may still be on the hook. You may read the article at this link: 


To view a copy of the recent court hearing, please see this link for the Omnibus Transcript.